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TEDxNiendorf 2024








SPEAKER & SCHEDULE (timestamps announced soon)

0:00 Frank Thelen Serial founder, early stage tech investor, CEO Freigeist & 10xDNA, former investor in the TV series Die Höhle der Löwen, Europes largest LinkedIn Newsletter
0:00 Jeremy Fragrance Entrepreneur, ‎Content-Creator, worlds most famous perfume influencer with a total of over 14 million followers
0:00 John Hennessy Chairman of Alphabet Inc. (Google), former President of Stanford University, Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering, Turing Award, „the godfather of Silicon Valley“
0:00 Bernardo Faria 5x BJJ World Champion, IBJJF Hall Of Fame, Co-Founder BJJ Fanatics
0:00 Johnny Harris Filmmaker, Journalist and YouTuber with over 5 million followers
0:00 William Moerner Physical Chemist and Chemical Physicist, Nobel Prize
0:00 Zuby Udezue Rapper and Podcaster with over 2 million followers
0:00 Jo Etienne Abela Minister for Health and Active Ageing of Malta‎‎‎
0:00 Takaaki Kajita Physicist, Nobel Prize
0:00 Martin Hellman Cryptologist and Mathematician, Turing Award
0:00 Alex von Frankenberg Managing Director at High-Tech Gründerfonds
0:00 Vint Cerf Internet Pioneer, recognized as one of „the fathers of the Internet“, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, Turing Award, Officer of the Legion d’Honneur, 29 honorary degrees
0:00 Dave Camarillo Founder of Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu, combat sports trainer for special operation combatives, world champions and personalities like Mark Zuckerberg or Keanu Reeves for John Wick 4
0:00 David Patterson Computer Scientist, Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering, Turing Award
0:00 Curtis McMullen Mathematician, Fields Medal
0:00 Christian Tutschku Team leader of Quantum Computing at Fraunhofer Institute for Quantum Computing
0:00 Frank Wilhelm-Mauch Director of the Institute for Quantum Computing Analytics at Forschungszentrum Jülich
0:00 Tommaso Calarco Director of the Institute for Quantum Control at Forschungszentrum Jülich
0:00 Gwendolin Rugen Expert in educational technology
0:00 Alexander Sohl CEO of meenergy
0:00 Steven Toy CEO of Memrise‎‎
0:00 Sebastian Herz Co-Founder of Zignify‎‎
0:00 Andreas Klassen Founder Spire (3 Million App Users)
0:00 Jill Demling Founder of Creative Casting Agency (CCA), former Entertainment Director at Vogue Magazine for 20 years (in charge e.g. of Vogue Covers)
0:00 Jeffrey Ullman Computer Scientist, Turing Award‎‎
0:00 Joseph Sifakis Computer Scientist, Turing Award‎‎
0:00 Paddy Galloway YouTuber with over 500K followers, world leading YouTube Growth Strategist who worked e.g. with MrBeast and RedBull‎ ‎
0:00 Dean Banowetz Celebrity Stylist, 7x Emmy Nominated
0:00 Pierre-Louis Lions Mathematician, former President of the International Mathematical Union, Fields Medal
0:00 Richard Borcherds Mathematician, Fields Medal‎‎
0:00 Alex von Frankenberg Managing Director at High-Tech Gründerfonds