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0:03 Luciano Belviso Founder and CEO of Blackshape
0:10 Joseph Bradley CEO of TONOMUS, the first subsidiary and cognitive technology foundation of NEOM, Ex-Vice President at AT&T, Cisco and HCL Technologies
0:17 Paulette Lenert Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Consumer Protection and Minister for Health in Luxembourg
0:21 Gerard’t Hooft Theoretical Physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics
0:31 Lennart Rugen Technologist, expertise in social media and persuasive discussions
0:37 Michael Köhler Founder and CEO of Silent Yachts
0:44 Robert Aumann Mathematician, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, Founding member of the Stony Brook Center for Game Theory
0:54 Rafaela Pimenta Soccer Player Advisor (e.g. Erling Haaland), widely considered as „the most powerful woman in soccer”
0:58 Philipp Schröder Founder and CEO of 1KOMMA5°, Ex-Country Director Germany & Austria of Tesla
1:08 Philipp Amthor Germanys most well-known young politician and member of the German Bundestag
1:13 Marc Gebauer Germany’s most prominent luxury watch seller and well-known social media personality
1:22 Kai Hesselmann Founder and Managing Partner of DealCircle
1:28 Jörg Steinbach Minister for Economy, Labor and Energy of Brandenburg, Ex-President of TU Berlin
1:36 Georges Gilkinet Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mobility and the National Railway Company in Belgium
1:43 Anders Hofman The fist person to complete a long distance triathlon (Ironman) in Antarctica, which was documented by Yes Theory in Project Iceman
1:51 Morten Bødskov Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs in Denmark
1:58 Alexander Müller Managing Partner at ELBJETS
2:03 Claude Turmes Minister for Energy and Minister for Spatial Planning in Luxembourg
2:07 Gerhard Friesen Director of charitable projects in Ukraine, Turkey, etc.
2:13 Arthur Branch Owner and operator of several well-known space news accounts (e.g. „Everything Space“), writer for Primal Nebula
2:20 Sir Christopher Pissarides Economist, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, Knight Bachelor
2:28 Darren Margolias Executive Director of Beast Philanthropy, the Philanthropy of MrBeast who is the largest content creator in the world with over 400 million followers in total
2:35 John Glen Chief Secretary to the Treasury of the UK
2:39 Jordan Schwarzenberger Manages The Sidemen, Europe’s largest YouTube group with over 250 million followers in total, Founder of Arcade Media, Side+, Sides and other Sidemen Brands
2:46 Edvard Moser Psychologist and Neuroscientist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
2:49 John C. Mather Astrophysicist and Cosmologist, Nobel Prize in Physics, Senior astrophysicist at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Senior project scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope
2:54 Rebecca Goldstein Philosopher and author, known for e.g. Plato at the Googleplex, Recipient of the National Humanities Medal
3:04 Joachim Frank Biophysicist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry
3:12 William Phillips Physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics
3:21 Brendan Hall Documentary filmmaker, directed projects for e.g. National Geographic, Google and Adobe, dearMoon crew member
3:27 Yee Lee VP Growth at Terraformation
3:32 Shifu Shi Yan Ming 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk, founder of the USA Shaolin Temple
3:38 Edmund Phelps Economist, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur, Director of Center on Capitalism and Society
3:44 Rhiannon Adam Photographic artist, dearMoon crew member, author known for e.g. Big Fence / Pitcairn Island
4:00 Sir Anthony James Leggett Theoretical Physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics, Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Fellow of the Royal Society
4:15 James Heckman Economist, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, second-most influential economist in the world according to RePEc
4:30 Isabelle Boemeke Model, world’s first nuclear energy influencer and creator of the online persona „ISODOPE“
4:35 Carl Wieman Physicist and Educationist, Nobel Prize in Physics
4:39 Cathie Wood Founder, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest
4:53 Artificial intelligence The First TEDx Talk by AI
5:00 The Rabbit Hole The well-known anonymous Twitter Account „The Rabbit Hole“ (special production / format innovation)
5:03 Ashlee Vance Best-selling author, known for e.g. his Elon Musk biography, Emmy-nominated host and writer of Hello World at Bloomberg
5:09 Ramin Djawadi Composer who scored e.g. Game of Thrones®, Prison Break and Iron Man, two-time Emmy® Award-winner and three-time Grammy® nominee, over 2,5 million monthly listeners and over a billion streams on Spotify
5:13 Dan Carlin Host of the Hardcore History Podcast, which e.g. won the People’s Choice Podcast Awards, Host of Hardcore History: Addendum and of Common Sense, Author
5:17 Steve Jurvetson Managing Director & Founder of Future Ventures, Board Member at SpaceX, Ex-Board Member at Tesla
5:24 Peter Doherty Immunologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Australian of the Year (1997), Companion of the Order of Australia, Fellow of the Royal Society
5:28 Paolo Tiramani Industrial designer, Founder, CEO and majority shareholder of Boxabl
5:35 Thomas C. Südhof Biochemist, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Fellow of the Royal Society
5:45 Karim Iliya Photographer and filmmaker, dearMoon crew member, Founder and whale swimming Guide at Dance With Whales